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Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Trainings

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy trainings are for yoga and mental health professionals, as well as those seeking self development and life change.

Only taking private clients at this time.


**check for more info**

1:1 Yoga Privates 

Mind/body therapy that utilizes Psychology, Philosophy, Buddhism and Neuroscience to explore  chronic pain, major life events, trauma and areas of life where change is desired.

Connect with me to book. 1:1 Yoga Privates should take place where you're most comfortable, in your home, in a studio, outdoors or at my home studio.

Public Class Schedule

Join me in Charleston, South Carolina for weekly, public yoga classes. 

You can register on the studio's website or just show up 10 minutes before class to practice. 


Only taking private clients at this time.


A single day, a weekend, local travel and afar. These are events where you disconnect from day to day living to shift stale patterns, attend to self care and nourish your soul.

Yoloha Eco-Friendly Yoga Products

My dear friends began Yoloha, creators of the world’s first cork yoga mat. Their family owned and community grown business invites you to experience more eco-friendly, high-quality yoga products.

Whether it's a yoga mat, block or therapy mat - Yoloha has your covered!


Use my promo code: YolohaJennifer for 10% off your entire order

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Yoga by the Pool
Public Classes
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