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Hi friends,

I am a believer of holistic, mindful and intentional living. Whether this be a physical practice or supplement for the body, therapy for the mind or clean choices of foods and wines, it all plays a role.


My journey began as a personal one, self seeking, traveling and delving into practices that fed my soul. Yoga, water therapies, authentic connections, being with family and friends and simply being human are a few of those means. I have a background in mental health, years of yoga and therapy trainings and of course my hardest and most humbling endeavor yet, being a mom.


I have volunteered for numerous organizations over the years and still have connections to many of them today. I am always in the midst of transition to finding my best self. It is there where I show up most authentically and have presence in all I do, so I strive to have compassion both for myself and others, always. In essence, I am simply BEING.

My yoga journey began as one of personal mental health and well being. I have 1000+ hours of training in various forms such as Hatha, vinyasa, yin, therapeutic and restorative. I train students, learn from students and most importantly I’m always a student myself. Life is ever evolving and the only constant is change. The ride is bumpy, but the moments of awakened states in between are worth the journey. Join me along the path.

Big Hugs,


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